Virtual Tour of Green Crescent Trails Map

This is a virtual tour of the map of the proposed #GreenCrescentTrails in the #Clemson #Pendleton #Central area of South Carolina. You will learn about the priority projects and where the likely first segments of the trail will be.

If you’d like to explore the Green Crescent Trails map yourself, you can find it here:

Coming soon we’ll also share a video of the potential construction costs and how this trail network could be funded.

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Green Crescent Trail in the News!

Green Crescent Presentations at JCUAB & Clemson City Council

New Green Crescent Trail Kiosks in Clemson

Before the end of 2018, six informational kiosks will be installed at strategic locations along the future Green Crescent Trails system in Clemson.  These kiosks will provide maps, photos, and other information to inform walkers and bikers of current and planned pathways around the city.

On November 7th, 2016 the Clemson City Council officially voted on a resolution to endorse the Green Crescent Trail master plan for the City of Clemson and beyond. In this resolution, City Council also allocated $25,000 from that year’s budget for installing “wayfinding, kiosks, and maps along all of the Green Crescent Trail routes within the City of Clemson.”

Map of the proposed Green Crescent Trails, which includes over 35 miles of walking & biking trails in the Clemson-Central-Pendleton area

Kiosk Locations

The Friends of the Green Crescent Trail (FGC) and City of Clemson staff members chose strategic locations for the kiosks.  These locations, which will be key hubs for the future trails, include:

    1. Ashley Dearing Park off of Berkeley Drive
    2. The Green Crescent Pedestrian Bridge off of Berkeley Drive
    3. Gateway Park off of Highway 93
    4. Clemson Park off of Frontage Road
    5. The Clemson-Central Recreation Center off of Highway 93
    6. Nettles Park off of Central Road

Each kiosk will include green metal roofing, a stone and concrete base, and a 3-sided information panel. The panels will be used to display maps, wayfinding information, and potential future trail sponsors.

Kiosk example - Green Crescent Trail - Clemson

Sample of the Green Crescent Trail kiosks being installed in Clemson

Next Steps After the Kiosks

The kiosks are a small, first step towards implementation of the bigger trail system. Immediately after installation, the FGC group plans to work on additional steps. For example, the group will request that Clemson City Council fund actual trail improvements between several of the kiosks.

More specifically, this new proposal will include improved safety markings, crosswalks, and bike-lane barriers along Berkeley Drive. And the proposal will call for new paths as well. For example, it will request extending the existing trail network at Ashley Dearing Park/Tottie’s Place. And it will also request new trails at Clemson Park that connect to the existing Green Crescent Bridge near Clemson Elementary School.

For more details on the kiosk installation and the proposed Berkeley Drive improvements, the FGC group will make a presentation at the December 3rd, 2018 Clemson City Council meeting.

Abernathy Boardwalk Build

The Friends of the Green Crescent Trail are proud to support the City of Clemson’s volunteer effort to restore the boardwalks of the Larry W. Abernathy Waterfront Park March 19-24. For more information, contact Lindsey Newton at (864) 653-2030 or



Upstate Business Journal: Green Crescent Trail to connect community and nature around Clemson

Recent article by the Upstate Business Journal about the Green Crescent Trail in Clemson, Central, and Pendleton.

Clemson City Council officially endorses the Green Crescent Trail, passes resolution of support

On November 7, 2016 the Clemson City Council officially endorsed the Green Crescent Trail by passing a resolution of support. You can see a copy of the resolution HERE.

Town of Central Passes Resolution of Support for Green Crescent Trail

On August 8, 2016 the Town of Central endorsed the Green Crescent Trail by passing a resolution of support. You can see a copy of the resolution HERE.

Green Crescent Trail Mentioned in United States of Healthy Report

The Green Crescent Trail was mentioned in the United States of Healthy report by Cooking Light Magazine.
“The Friends of the Green Crescent … is making far-sighted efforts to connect the city’s recreational areas and make sure these public spaces don’t get left behind as the area rapidly grows.”

Public Meeting Slides and Maps Available – Green Crescent Trail Feasibility Study

Green Crescent Trail Feasibility Study

A public meeting was held on May 26th, 2016 to share final Green Crescent Trail recommendations from the feasibility study conducted by Alta Planning + Design.

A PDF file of the slides from each of the public meetings can be found below. The slides include maps of trail routes, photo simulations to help visualize what certain routes will look like, estimated costs of construction, recommended phasing strategies for construction, and many more details about the proposed trail.

After receiving public feedback and conducting a final steering committee meeting, a final comprehensive feasibility study document will be published by June 30, 2016.

Please take your time to review the documents, share it with others, and give us feedback using the contact form below.

The slides from the public presentation can be found at the link below: