Feasibility Study – Steering Committee

Chad Carson – Friends of the Green Crescent
Drake McNeary – Friends of the Green Crescent
Dan Harding – Friends of the Green Crescent
Gary Gaulin– Friends of the Green Crescent
Eric Newton – Friends of the Green Crescent

Roger McKenzie – Southern Wesleyan University
Chris Williams– Southern Wesleyan University

Jamie Cathey – City of Clemson
Todd Steadman – City of Clemson

Doug Barry – Town of Central
Phillip Mishoe– Town of Central

Steve Miller – Town of Pendleton

Tanya DeOliveira – Clemson University

Eric Nielson – SouthPawCycles

Ensley Feemster – Pickens County Council

Friends of the Green Crescent –  Board of Directors

Eric Newton, President
Shannon Quattlebaum, Vice President
Heidi Williams, Secretary
Justin Mann, Treasurer
Bob Brookover, Committee Chair

Drake McNeary, Board Member
Gary Gaulin, Board Member
Shannon Quattlebaum, Board Member
Roger Mckenzie, Board Member
Lisa Hallo, Board Member
Nathan Hinkle, Board Member
Kade Herrick, Board Member
Tony Tidwell, Board Member
Chad Carson, Board Member

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