Final Results of Trail Study to Be Revealed at May 26th Public Meeting

Green Crescent Trail Public Meeting

On Thursday, May 26th from 6:30-7:30 pm the Friends of the Green Crescent will host a public meeting at Southern Wesleyan University. At the event, members of Alta Planning and the Friends of the Green Crescent will share the results from an ongoing feasibility study for the proposed Green Crescent Trail in the Clemson-Central-Pendleton areas.

For more details, visit the event page:

Hendersonville Tennessee Greenways & Bike/Ped Trails

Bicycle and pedestrian trails improve the quality of life for residents in our community. Some of the benefits for Hendersonville residents include:

• Having a bike/pedestrian trail in close proximity of where they work or live
• A place where residents can meet and discuss the events of the day
• An opportunity to exercise for people of all ages and abilities
• A place for families to safely walk and bike
• A chance to bike to work or run errands without the worries of traffic
• A unique way to take in the scenic beauty of Hendersonville

Trail Effects on Neighborhoods: Home Value, Safety, Quality of Life

Are trails safe? How do they affect property values of adjacent residents? These perennial issues have been the subject of a few studies which find that trails are quite benign in their social impact. The facts haven’t stopped groups organized against rail trail development from trumpeting that the few instances of crime are proof that trails are unsafe.